My name is Peter Thompson and this is my blog, Illinois Mortgage Rates and News. After burning out from a corporate sales job where I traveled nearly 3 weeks out of every month, I started in the mortgage business way back in 1992. My third son, Kyle, had just been born and the idea of working a job where I could sleep in my own bed at night had a strong appeal. I loved real estate and was excited about helping people with their financing. With a young family to support this was a real leap of faith, but I closed my eyes and jumped.

My timing was just about perfect. Interest rates were dropping and it wasn’t long before we hit a huge refinance boom. This boom pretty much missed me, though. At the time I worked for a company that focused entirely on purchase mortgages. So while so many loan officers were working the phones looking for refinance leads, I was meeting Realtors and talking with people who were searching for new homes. The refinance boom eventually ran out of steam, and a lot of those loan officers ended up leaving the business and moving on to new pastures. In the meantime I built relationships, and these blossomed into a career.

A lot has changed in the time I’ve been in this business, but my goals remain the same. I still enjoy guiding my clients through the complexities of the mortgage and real estate market and I still do my best to help people find the financing that works best for them. I look at this blog as an extension of my business, another way to educate and communicate.

The focus of this blog is mortgages and real estate, everything from the best programs for first time home buyers and ways to help you improve your credit, to how you can best fit your mortgage into your long-term financial plan. The focus will be on real estate, but it’s my blog, so I’ll talk about other interests from time to time, food, music and the prospects for the Cubs to name a few.

If you have any questions or if I can help in any way, give me a call at (630) 479-6424, I’d love to hear from you.

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