November 2013

Finding the Right Realtor

A good Realtor can help you a lot. But how do you find the right Realtor for you? Most people know someone who sells real estate. For a lot of people, it’s a side job where they can make good income while working part time (in good times, anyway). But buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. It’s important to find a professional agent who will work well with you, negotiate effectively and be able to handle all the details all the way through the closing. Here are some questions you need to keep in mind when choosing an agent: How long have they been selling real estate? Is this their full-time job? How familiar are they with the area you are looking in? How many transactions have they had over the last year? Do they mostly work with buyers or sellers?…

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The Home Search: Who Does the Realtor Represent?

Once you have a range of what you can qualify to buy, you are ready to start looking for a home. But this can be confusing too. There are so many options out there; the internet, ads in the paper, yard signs, real estate magazines, open houses. How do you go about finding the right house for you? Prices can differ tremendously from town to town, and even neighborhood to neighborhood. You have to decide what type of home you want and what amenities are important to you. You have to learn about the school districts, and see what areas have done best with resale value. You need to sort through all the houses available on the market, and narrow your choices down until you know exactly what kind of house is the perfect house for you. In a way, you need to educate yourself on all these different options…

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Some Things to Avoid Before Closing on a Mortgage

Once you’ve been pre-approved, you are ready to buy as long as there are no major changes in your financial situation. These are some things you need to avoid before you’ve closed on your new home. Don’t buy or lease a car – Unless you have to, it’s better to put off any big purchases until after you’ve closed on your new home. A large increase in your debt-to-income ratio could be a problem. If you have to buy something, call your loan officer before making any major purchase so they can see how this will affect your mortgage approval. Don’t move assets from one bank account to another – If you do, we will need to have a paper trail to document the source of funds for each new account or large deposit. If you want to consolidate accounts, it’s better to wait until after you have closed. Either…

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