Housing Bill

It’s alive??? Chicago, IL FHA Down Payment Assistance Programs May be on Their Way Back

Not so long ago it looked like the FHA Down Payment Assistance programs (DPAs) were gone for good. The DPAs were one of the last ways available for first time home buyers Loan and others who were short a down payment but otherwise qualified, to buy a home with no money out of their own pocket. This program was a way to launder a seller’s equity and use it as the basis of a grant from a charitable group like Ameridream or Nehemiah (here is a detailed look at how FHA DPAs work). But the DPAs were cut as one of the provisions of the new housing bill due to go into affect October 1st. It now seems that rumors of their death may be greatly exaggerated. A compromise deal to save the DPAs appears to be about to be accepted, and the FHA Down Payment Assistance programs could be…

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The New Housing Bill – What it Means to Chicago Area First Time Home Buyers

The Housing Bill – The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 was passed by the Senate on Saturday and is expected to be signed into law sometime this week. The bill will actually take effect on October 1st. There have been a lot of rumors as to how this will shake out, but these are some highlights of what has been agreed to and will be in the new bill: A bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, raising their debt ceiling and authorizing the government to purchase their stock as needed in order to keep them afloat. They are also now subject to more regulation than in the past. Foreclosure relief for some homeowners who bought in the last few years. The lenders have to approve it, so in a way this provides an option for a short-refinance. It will only work if the lender goes along with…

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