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Illinois Mortgage Rates Weekly Update

Welcome to Illinois Mortgage Rates and News week in review for the week ending April 4th, my take on the week’s financial news and how it affected Illinois mortgage rates. This week was a good example of how bi-polar our financial markets have become. At the beginning of the week UBS, one of the biggest investment houses on Wall Street and a big player in mortgage backed securities, announced a loss of 19 billion dollars from its sub prime holdings. To me this would be looked at as bad news. This is a huge loss and a scary reminder of how Wall Street feasted on this junk, and how vulnerable these outfits are now to the risk from it. But that was just my take, and I am after all just an amateur. The professionals looked at it differently. They looked at this as great news. If the big players…

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Why FHA May be the Best Option for Chicago Area Home Buyers – Even Those Who Can Qualify for a Conventional Mortgage

Not so long ago, FHA loans were the red-headed step child in the housing market. They didn’t get any respect. That wasn’t always the case. Back in the old days FHA loans were the only option for most first time home buyers or others who had little money to put down. FHA was the way for many borrowers to take their first steps into home ownership here in the Chicago area. Not only could you buy a home with a small down payment, but the entire down payment could be a gift, and your credit didn’t have to be perfect. There were problems with FHA loans, though. It took longer to get a loan approved and closed than with a conventional loan, and if there were issues with the homes condition (like peeling paint) the issues had to be fixed before closing. Many people felt that FHA underwriters were professional…

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